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LSBSU's Women's Football team in a team huddle

Sports Clubs

Whether you love competitive sport or prefer a casual session with your friends, South Bank SU has you covered. All our students, staff members, and alumni are welcome in our sports community, no matter your experience, skill, or time constraints.

Why join a sports club?

  • Improve your social life on and off campus
  • Stay fitter, happier, and less stressed
  • Opportunities to take part in weekly BUCS competitions against Universities around the country, and in Varsity against the University of Greenwich
  • Studies show that students that take part in sports at university have a better chance of achieving high grades, and are less likely to drop out than their classmates!

How do I join?

  1. Scroll down and have a browse through the clubs we have on offer
  2. Once you find a club you’d like to try, add the free ‘Taster Membership’ to your cart and click ‘purchase’
  3. From here, the club should get in contact with you about your first FREE training session! 
  4. If you decide to join the club, you can buy your full membership from the same place as your taster membership.