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Your Mental Health Matters

An article on why your Mental Heath matters, written by our VP of Welfare and Equalities Fatema Rabbi.

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Vp Welfare Fatema standing in front of University building that says London South Bank University Vp Welfare Fatema standing in front of University building that says London South Bank University

Happy World Mental Health Day! What is the most important question you think you should ask when you see anyone? Let me help you by giving two options, one is ‘how are you?’ or number two is ‘how are you doing today?’. In my opinion, I would ask question one. I read somewhere recently that asking ‘how you are doing today’ gives anyone a space to talk more about their life and the current situation. However, before I continue on, I want to let you know that regardless of your current state in life, it is ok not to be ok, and your mental health matters. 

What World Mental Health Day is about:

World Mental Health Day is an International Day on 10th October. It is to create awareness of the importance of Mental Health globally. A global mental organisation named World Federation for Mental Health first celebrated World Mental Health Day with more than 150 countries.

Why your Mental Health Matters: 

Mental Health matters at any stage of life, no matter what culture you are from or religious beliefs. Your Mental Health is equally important as your happiness, your study, and any priorities you may have. Remember, Mental Health is not only about your emotional state but also relates to your social and psychological well-being. The state of your Mental Health affects how you act, feel, and think. Being aware of your mental state helps you handle stress, make healthy choices, create new connections, maintain existing relationships, etc. 

You might be wondering ‘where do I get all the mental health support to have the best time at London South Bank University?’ Here are the five things you should know that LSBU offers so you have an amazing student experience.

Personal Development Plan:

A Personal Development Plan is for you, if you don't feel confident in your academic areas or want to explore different support available. You may ask; ‘hey, I am about to finish my studies in a few months, should I do this?’ My answer is yes, 200%. The Personal Development Plan allows you to clearly understand your goals, reach your potential and maximize your success. This also includes a series of questions to understand your areas of need and action plans clearly. I would recommend to do this at least 4 times a year.

Please click on the link to learn how to complete your Personal Development Plan (PDP)  

Mental Health Support at LSBU:

Student life can sometimes be stressful. London South Bank University has immense support when you need help to make the most out of your university life. If you are experiencing any difficulties impacting your studies, please get in touch with the LSBU Mental Health and Wellbeing team. The team is ready to give any support you need, please do not choose silence as an option. All the support given by the well-being team is confidential. The Mental Health and Wellbeing team takes appointments from Monday to Friday at Southwark Campus. They reside at the Havering campus and additionally offers phone appointments to all students. You can book in person at the student life centre or phone 020 7815 6454. To learn more about their services, please click here

Well-being Resources:

One of the best well-being tips I can give is to get engaged with the South Bank Students Union. The Students Union represents you and gives advice on academic issues, including academic misconduct, fitness to practice, and getting extensions. South Bank Students Union (SBSU) holds activities and events to meet and network with others. They also have a variety of academic and non-academic communities/societies which are absolutely free to join! Also, you can get involved with representation, such as becoming a course rep, running for a part-time officer position, and running to be a Sabbatical Officer. To join a community, a network, and all the exciting event the students union do, please click on this link and explore. 

LSBU Active:

Have you been to the New LSBU Active? If not, please have a visit on campus, it looks amazing with the new equipment. Every time I visit the LSBU hub, I feel like it is a Tech Hub. No doubt you will be amazed. LSBU Active includes academic and non-academic functions through taught courses, research units, sports development, and sports science support services. All sports at LSBU is under LSBU Active. At LSBU all sports clubs are run by students, for students, and have qualified coaches to help with performance and development. Every year students get the chance to represent the University in a student competition, for instance, Varsity. To learn more about LSBU Active, please book an appointment for a tour in person or check out this link for more info. 

Vice president Welfare and Equalities:

Lastly, you have got your student officer Fatema Rabbi, your Vice President of Welfare and Equalities. She is there to voice any non-academic issues, including support, safety, health, well-being, and inclusivity. Do say a warm hello if you see her on campus! Please stay in touch, her details will be left here