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Claiming Expenses for Student Groups

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If you need to claim expenses from your account, then please do so using the form. All expense claims must be made within two months of the purchase otherwise you will be unable to claim this back. We will only allow expenses to be claimed back up to £100. Please refer to the purchase order forms here, if you wish to make a payment of over £100.


The following steps should be followed for expenses

  1. Please make sure that at least one committee member has signed your expense form. If you are a committee member, then please get two others to sign your expenses. You are not allowed to countersign your own expense claim
  2. Please provide your committee members your bank details, details of what the expense was for and a copy of your VAT receipt as proof of spending.
  3. The committee will then process the claim to us on your behalf using the form 
  4. If everything matches, then your payment will be paid back to you by no later than 5 days after you have submitted your claim.


If you are submitting a claim for petrol for use of your personal vehicle, then please note that SBSU will pay you mileage and therefore do not send a receipt for petrol.





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