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A student wearing a hijab

Student Networks

Our students are diverse and no two students will have the same university experience; we all face different challenges, have different strengths and spend our time in different ways.

Networks at SBSU


Networks are a space where students from different communities can meet and have fun. We have a network for different student communities where students can meet new people and get involved in events and activities. When you join a network, you will be able to join a group chat for your network, and you will be also be invited to regular events throughout the year. Best of all, these networks are FREE to join!

Each one of these student networks has an elected officer, who sits on our union council and represents the voices of members of their community. This enables the SU and the university to ensure that changes are made to ensure that every member of each community has a positive university experience.

Click below to find out more about each network and join!

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