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Communities & Societies

There’s something for everyone within our communities and societies at South Bank SU. Whether you want to learn something new, or meet people with a shared interest or cultural background, we guarantee you’ll find something you love!

What is a community?

Communities are your way of meeting other people with the same interests as you. This could be finding others who are in the same course as you, is part of the same faith, or is interested in celebrating and celebrating different cultural traditions. When you join you will be invited to an online group and there are guaranteed events happening throughout the year that you can take part in. Best yet it's free to join!

What is a society?

Societies are student-run groups that also give you the opportunity to meet other people that have the same interests as you. Each society is run by a committee of democractically elected students who work together to put on events and activities for their societies. Academic societies are free to join whereas non-academic societies have a joining fee to help cover the costs of their activities. 

How to join a community or society

  1. Online via each group's web page

  2. At Students' Union Reception in Borough Road

  3. At Freshers’ Fair

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