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Course Reps

Course reps are students who have been elected by their course mates to represent the views of the course. This is a vital role at LSBU as students understand students better than anyone else.

How does it work?

Every course must have at least one rep for each year of study. This means we can really listen to the views of every student at every level at LSBU.

  • At the start of a new academic year, your course director will open elections for the cohorts’ course rep(s)
  • If you’re interested, nominate yourself and prepare a one-minute speech about why you are the best person to represent your class
  • Your course mates will vote and whoever has the most votes wins.
  • Your course director will inform the SU of the results and we will invite you for your first training session.

What do course reps do?

Being a course rep is a voluntary but incredibly rewarding role. It doesn’t require much of your time but really makes a difference and teaches valuable skills. Here is what we ask of course reps:

  • Collecting feedback from your cohort. This could be through 1-1s, surveys, questionnaires, social media, email or just chatting to students at the end of a class
  • Attending one SU course rep forum a month. This is for a maximum of two hours and gives you a chance to meet other reps, learn public speaking skills, and keep up to date with what’s happening across the university.
  • Going to one course board meeting with the department once a semester. That’s only twice a year! Here you’ll be able to talk directly to your course director and senior members of your department and discuss the best and worst things about your course.

For more information, read the Course Rep 23/24 Handbook here.

Voice it!

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There’s a range of benefits that come from being a course rep. You’ll learn valuable skills like public speaking, time management and writing professional emails. You’ll also get an in-depth understanding of how the uni works, how issues are dealt with and what the SU can do to support students. Not to mention you’ll make new friends and get to meet students from all walks of life.

23/24 elected course rep training will be confirmed soon.

Get in contact

We have a dedicated team at the SU who work closely with course reps. You can contact us on or ask your lecturer for assistance in becoming a rep.

Course rep forum 

What is it?

Every month, the SU’s Student Voice Team invites all registered course representatives to attend an informal two hour drop-in session. This forum is hosted by your elected Course Rep Chair, and all of your sabbatical officers will also be there. This is an opportunity to bring up concerns or issues you have with your course, meet other course reps and learn more about what the SU is doing for students.

After the forum, the team will bring up your issues with the relevant teams at the university and hopefully will come to you with a solution.