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Student Groups: making payments to suppliers

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Invoice Requests

If you need to make a payment to a supplier like a coach, instructor or band you can ask them to send you an invoice. This will then need to be checked by your committee and submitted via the form on the Committee Hub.


You need to make sure that all invoices have 30 days payment terms on them and then send us an invoice for payment by no later than 14 days before it is due to be paid. This will allow us to ask you any questions in plenty of time before the deadline arrives. If you can, please get invoices to us at the earliest possible opportunity.

For example, if you receive an invoice for 1st January and it is required to be paid by the 30th January, then we must receive this no later than 16th January to ensure prompt payment. If we receive this invoice, we will guarantee to make this payment for your club or society on time.


Please make sure you have the following details on all invoices before they can be paid by our finance team

  • Invoice Number

  • Date of Invoice

  • Contact details of suppliers (Name, address, email address and phone number)

  • Business or Customer Name

  • The correct address of SBSU on it 

  • A description of what you have purchased (i.e DJ for Boat Party on 12/1/21)

  • Payment Terms – How many days 

  • Bank Details

  • Breakdown of VAT (Please ask us if you are unsure of what to do)

Please make sure that your supplier has the correct information so we can make prompt payment for them. If any of this information is missing, we will send it back to you and ask for all of the information to be provided. If your supplier is new to us, then we will need some additional information. Please speak to us and check if you are unsure. 

We will need the following details if they are a new supplier 

  • Address

  • Email

  • Contact details

  • Proof of bank details (this can be a word document or screenshot of their online bank with sort code and account number clearly stated) 



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