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Risk Assesment 


Risk Assessment

All events are required to complete a risk assessment, regardless of where it is and what the event is. A risk assessment will help do the following, 

  • Identify any hazards

  • Assess the risk of something serious happening

  • Decide how you will manage any risks

  • How the risk will be supervised by the committee

  • How to implements controls on the event

There are lots of different things which need to be considered when managing the safety of your event. The SBSU team will support you in managing this and provide guidance on any aspect you are uncertain on.

All risk assessments need to be seen and signed off by the appropriate person within the SU before the activity can take place. Going ahead with your event without this, or if the SU have advised they are unable to sign--off the event as unsafe could result in your student group being disaffiliated. The Opportunities Team will support you in putting this together, but it is your responsibility to follow safety measures listed on there. 

Risk Assessment