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Attendance for International Students

This article is about how international students will benefit in regards of their attendance from the support LSBU offers them.

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At London South Bank University, attending all your classes in mandontory, please check below to see some useful key information in regards of attendance for international students.

  • Visa sponsored students are expected to attend 100% of their classes. Students must also be in the UK during official term-time, regardless of whether their classes are in-person or online.
  • Students can only be absent up to a total of 3 weeks. All absences should be reported to regardless of length (one day - 3 weeks). All absences are counted factually as an absence, and all absences negatively affect the student's attendance score.
  •  Absences over a week will require some sort of evidence to be authorised. If the student needs to go abroad, we will also require flight details that show they will return within 3 weeks. Only certain reasons for absence will be authorised.

For example, holidays, weddings, and working are not appropriate reasons to be absent and will not be authorised, but bereavement, illness, etc, would be authorised given the appropriate evidence is provided. There is more information in our policy, although we are currently in the process of updating it (link). 

  • Absences may not be authorised if we are not informed before they take place or at an appropriate time (for example, in emergency situations). 
  • If a student is continuously absent without authorisation, their visa will be at risk of withdrawal. If a student requires an absence over 3 weeks, they will be asked to interrupt their studies or risk withdrawal.