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BHM: Black Brilliance at LSBU

For Black History Month, we are showcasing brilliant individuals who have contributed to doing amazing work within the community and LSBU.

Headshot image of Dr Arlene Weeks

Dr Arlene Weeks

We spoke to senior lecturer and course director Dr Arlene Weeks during Black History Month. She has contributed to some amazing work in the community and within London South Bank University over the years. This article will be highlighting her accomplishments and what she hopes to achieve in the future. 

What motivated you to start the work you do?

“As a Global Majority academic, I work tirelessly to ensure that everything I am involved in, is viewed from a lens that sees my people, as a majority. Additionally, that we have always made a contribution to the world: philosophy science, medicine etc, I believe it is well overdue for that contribution to be recognised.”

“I spoke with my students about my idea to facilitate a summer school to explore different ‘influencers’ to social work, from a non-European or white American lens.”

What does activism mean to you?

“Addressing issues by challenging the power base – with a wealth of experience across a multitude of social work areas, my main research interests include anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practice and how values and beliefs influence decision-making.” 

More info
To find out more of the incredible work Arlene has done, please visit the links down below. We have also highlighted Arlene on our Instagram, which has a brief introduction of Arlenes work and what she does, check it out! 



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