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Freshers Fresh start!

Hello everyone, my name is Devonte James and I am the SU President at LSBU.

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Photo of SU President Devonte James

I am guessing the first sentence you read on this article was ‘#Freshers #Freshstart!’? That is the best sentence to describe the time we are currently in at LSBU. Freshers is the perfect time for you to start your year off how you mean to go on. 

From my experience as a student at LSBU, starting my uni year with Freshers gave me the sense of belonging and student experience that fuelled me toward a great year of studies. Freshers was so nice I had to do it twice!

In my first year, I did not really participate in the SU Freshers. As my year went on I felt as if I had missed out on a pivotal time to build a sense of belonging and to clarify visions I had for myself as a student at LSBU. I decided I would attend in my second year (and 3rd year), and I saw the massive difference it made in my life - as a student at LSBU. The events that happened then gave me lots of life skills, allowed me to develop friendships (friendships that allowed me to navigate my life at LSBU with a true sense of belonging), and purpose (the purpose to pursue my studies to the fullest and then the purpose to work in the Students’ Union!).

I truly believe me engaging with SU activity was the foundation for my academic success (recently graduated with a First Class degree) and I truly believe engaging with Freshers will have the same positive effect on you; alongside the many priceless moments that will remain with you for the rest of your time at LSBU and beyond.

This years Freshers events vary. There is something for everyone. Some of the events include speed friending, pottery painting, and our flagship boat party
event (so good).

Click this link for the full list of events!

I really look forward to seeing you at the Freshers events this year.

From Devonte James, your Student Union President.