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Black Students' Mental Health Blog by lecturer Ronalds Busulwa.

Mental Health Links and advice, by Ronalds Busulwa.

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Dear student,

My name is Ronalds Busulwa -I am a psychiatric nurse and a therapist currently working as a Mental Health Lecturer @LSBU.
My recent job was as a Mental Health Advisor for university students – here, I understood students’ mental health needs and challenges.  
I recently started a blog that has some useful resources for students:  Self-help tips, leaflets, Free Mental Health Services, Blogs, and Psychoeducation It has some great features under HELPLINES

  • Students can search for their university and the support available (UK & Wales) Here.

  • Students can search their postcode to see the nearest support available to them Here.

  • A useful list of services offering specific support, e.g., Black students, Moslem students, Christians, etc. Here

The support is for all students, but I called it the Black students' mental health blog because in my experience when I worked as MHA, it was clear that black students were very reluctant to seek help.

Hopefully you find the resources useful, to help you cope with the pressures of university life to flourish.


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