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Lunch and Learn - Apprenticeship Edition

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Apprentice students,

I hope you are well (I know you are busy!)

With your South Bank SU membership, you have access to activities of value that fit around your schedule in the form of Lunch and Learn.

With your membership, you have access to 4 exclusive guest speaker events per month which take place during your lunch time. It literally is the time where you ‘ lunch and learn’ as the speakers are industry professionals who will add value to your time on campus, and allow you to take away information and connections for when you are pursuing your careers.

This is a new and exclusive programme, that has been developed for you specifically as we know you may be a bit busy to engage at other times.

Be the first group of Apprenticeship Students to engage with this valuable activity at LSBU.

All you have to do is -  look out for your emails - register for the FREE events - bring your lunch with you to the location (location will be told for each event) - and Learn!


From Devonte, SU President