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SU and its facilities

This article is about the student union and what they do at London South Bank University to support students.

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Our Students’ Union is key to a great student experience.

At London South Bank University, our student union is the center of student life. South Bank Student Union (SBSU) provides a wide range of support, services and guidance that can be offered to all students. Our facilities include academic/nonacademic support, wellbeing/mental health services and social events that are both on and off campus. Keep reading to find out more about our advice service.


Advice Service 

SBSU are committed and here for you!

Life for a university student can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming but our student union has got your back. We are here to support you throughout your journey at London South Bank University. Some of our advice services include academic support, mental health/wellbeing, student accommodation, finance, and disciplinary procedures.

Here at London South Bank University, we provide a safe and friendly environment for students who may want to talk to us or get some advice. Our staff are fully trained and can help give advice on a wide range of academic issues including:

  • Academic appeals

  • Student complaints

  • Extenuating circumstances

  • Fitness to practice

  • Disciplinary procedures

  • Academic misconduct

  • Halls of residence disciplinary

We also offer nonacademic support and advise including:

  • Involvement in extracurricular activities

  • Joining a sports team

  • Volunteering

  • Creating your own society/community

  • Signing up to a community/society