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Top 5 things to know to tackle the cost of living crisis during your time at LSBU.

Our VP welfare and equalities officer Fatema has written a handy article to help students tackle the Cost of Living crisis, have a read!

vp welfare and equalities
Image of VP Welfare and Equalities officer standing outside lsbu logo


The best time of our life is student life; it's a time of fun and making new friends, and for international students studying abroad is a wholly unique experience. However, it can be stressful sometimes, especially when the cost of living crisis hits the student experience like another pandemic. Remember, London South Bank University is with you to support you through this crisis so that you can have the best student experience at LSBU. Before you start reading this, let me introduce myself; Hi! I am Fatema Rabbi, your Vice President of Welfare and Equalities at the South Bank Students Union. I represent you and twenty thousand LSBU students in non-academic issues, including mental health and well-being support, safety, and inclusivity.



Budgeting is one of the top skills anyone should learn. So what's Budgeting? Budgeting is a skill where an individual learns how to manage their money. Student life is the best time to learn how to manage money and apply it in day-to-day life. So from where you should know it, my answer is simply google “How to manage your money better” or watch money management videos on YouTube. If you want to read something on financial literacy, “Rich dad poor dad” is the best book. Your Student Center does a number of workshops on money management, don't forget to attend them. To learn more about financial management, you can visit the website called Turn 2 Us and Save the Student


Students discounts:

One of the best things about being a student is anywhere you go, you get student discounts. In the UK, almost everywhere, student discounts apply; all you have to do is ask, “Do you do student discounts?” So please don't forget to ask about it. If you don't ask, you don't get it, so ask.  Remember, you will always need three things: a student ID card, the UniDays and Student Beans apps, and networking skills. Thinking about how networking will work! Just talk with anyone; that's how everything works. I worked in Westfield KFC, and an uncle from a phone shop used to come to KFC during his break to buy food. One day he invited me to his shop to buy anything I needed. That month I purchased a new phone, so I thought about buying a new cover; think, what happened? He sold a phone cover to me at a discount. Also, look for opportunities at LSBU, such as a free food voucher for volunteer work. So grab every opportunity you see.


Student Beans app 

Unidays app


Student Oyster/rail card:

Hey! Don't tap your bank card. Why? Because if you apply for an 18+ student oyster photo card, you can save 30% on adult rate travel cards and  Bus & and Tram pass season cards. It is for students enrolled at school, college, or university registered on the TfL scheme or mandatory work placement in London. To learn more about 18+ student oyster cards, please click on the link here

If you are tapping your bank card, it means you are paying more. Use the advantage of being a student. If you are traveling from outside of London, apply for a railcard find the right one for you) where you can save more than ? on most rail fares. Click here to find out more 


£3.50 meal deal:

Always prepare your meal from home; it helps you save money. You can do it earlier on the day you have lectures. When preparing your meal, remember to make sure you are eating healthy food. Preparing your meal earlier prevents you from extra costs, helps you eat healthy, plan a productive day, and spend more time on campus. If you forget to prepare your meal, buy a meal deal from grads cafe like Tesco for £3.50. Yes! LSBU does a £3.50 meal deal for students, so buy from the University cafe and save time and money. 


Retention fund:

Did you know that LSBU has a retention fund to support you in your crisis? If you don't, please acknowledge that LSBU has got your back. LSBU understands how the high cost of living crisis is impacting your student experience. If you are facing any crisis that affects your student experience, please apply for a retention fund here

Also, LSBU understands only a retention fund is not enough for you in this crisis. So to know how LSBU can support you, Southbank Students Union is doing a survey on the cost of living crisis. Remember, your opinion matters, so please complete your student's union-presented cost of living survey to understand your student's experience in this crisis. To do the cost of the living survey, click here.