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Course Representatives - Student Voice

This article is about student voice and course representatives at LSBU.


Voice it, At LSBU!

Course representatives are students who are elected by their fellow classmates to listen and collect their views on the course they are studying. Each course at London South Bank University has at least one course rep of each year of study. This is usually set up at the start of the academic year. A course representative’s aim is to collect feedback from their cohorts. This could be done through questionnaires, emails or chatting to students after class.

Why should you sign up?

Becoming a course rep at LSBU will help you learn valuable skills such as: communication skills, interpersonal skills, and time management. Students will also gain a better understanding of how issues are dealt with at university and what the SU does to support students. Nevertheless, your participation will help continue making LSBU a better place to study and build a thriving learning environment.

To find out more about becoming a course representative at LSBU, click here