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Part-time Officers

These elected student leaders volunteer part-time alongside their studies to represent students’ views in their specific remits. They're divided into Liberation roles, Student Experience roles and Student Forum Chair roles.

Liberation & Part-Time Officers

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Black Students' Network

Represents Black students and encourages the participation of Black students in the Union.

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Women's Network

Represents women and encourages the participation of women in the Union.

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Charlotte Adams

Disabled Student's Officer

Represents Disabled Students and their needs within the University.

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Student Experience Part-Time Officers

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EU and International Students' Network 

Represents EU and International students and encourages the participation of international and EU students in the Union.

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Aaron Mulley

Mature and Part-time Students' Officer

Represent the views and opinions of mature students' and the views and opinions of part-time students' at LSBU.

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Student Forum Chairs


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Abdirahim Ibrahim

Chair of Union Council

The Chair of Union Council volunteers alongside their studies to ensure the smooth running of the Union Council in accordance with the Constitution. Union Council is a group that meets to discuss and represent the views of students. Details of Union Council can be found in Regulation E of the Constitution. The Chair of the Union Council does not have the power to vote at Union Council.