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Congratulations. You are a member of South Bank Students’ Union.

What does this mean?
When you enrolled at London South Bank University you automatically become a member of South Bank Students’ Union - we are here to support you throughout your time at uni. We've got your back.

What is a Students' Union?
We are led by student representatives called Sabbatical Officers, our officers are LSBU students just like you. Sabbatical Officers are the official representatives of students at LSBU. Their job is to speak to students and seek their views on all matters relating to your time at university, and represent them in the University’s decision-making processes, making sure that you get the best from your experience.  You can find out more here 

There are so many amazing things we do as a Students' Union but here is the Top 5 ways we support and represent your academic interests.

Our free academic advice service

Your membership also includes access to our free academic advice service. This is an independent service, which offers impartial advice to students who might need extra support with their studies.

Sabbatical officers 

Sabbatical Officers are elected by students and now that you are a member of our Union, you can vote, or even stand in our annual elections and play an active role in how your Union represents you. 

Course Reps

Course reps are students who have been elected by their course mates to represent the views of the course. This is a vital role at LSBU as students understand students better than anyone else. Every course must have at least one rep for each year of study. This means we can really listen to the views of every student at every level at LSBU.

Academic Communities & Societies 

We have a host of academic soceities that you can join to help you find friends and unlock shared learning and find relevant coursed based activity. You can also volunteer to support a community in a leadership postition which will give you some great experiance for future roles.

Academic Events 

We also provide a programme of exclusive activities which range from social events to relax and unwind, academic events to enhance your study, and community groups and events where you can meet friends and socialise around shared interests and experiences. Visit to find out more. 

By being a member of South Bank Students’ Union you will be joining thousands of students past and present who make up our unique SBSU community and who have gone on to achieve amazing things, just like you will, and we want to be right here with you along your journey.

You've got this, and we are right here with you.


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