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Charlotte, VP Activities and Employability

VP Activities & Employability

Your VP Activities is responsible for ensuring your voice is heard on all issues relating to extracurricular activities, including sports, societies, volunteering and events.

Charlotte Adams


Hey I'm Charlotte (she/her), your VP of Activities and Employability! Before coming into the role I was a LLB Law student. For a brief insight into who I am, I grew up in South Wales, I love rugby (obviously), and I have three doggos. I love London and the city life that I experience on a daily basis but a dream holiday for me is one that is surrounded by greenery and nature as I love nature walks and hikes. P.s. once you get me talking about how beautiful Welsh nature is you won't be able to get me to stop.

Latest updates

How I got involved in the SU

My SU journey started in September 2020, when I enrolled in my first year. Unfortunately COVID-19 made sure that we couldn't attend social events or meet people outside of our household. Thus over that year I knew of the SU but not much about what it could offer me as a student. On top of this, before coming to university I always felt I had a sense of belonging and a community but in my first year of university I didn’t feel much of it.

In my second year I saw that the Students’ Union were advertising nominations for a Part Time Officer (PTO) Role to represent students from different identities. One of these was the disabled students’ officer. I saw this as a chance to actively get involved, get my voice heard and hopefully make a positive change to the greater community at LSBU. I started my campaign and won and I then stayed in post for just over a year and a half until I ran for my current role as the VP. During my time as a I was able to run campaigns, in one of which I showcased disabilities in disability history month bringing awareness to the great achievements the disabled community has won fighting back an ableist society.

This is what drove me to run for the VP of Activities and Employability, I enjoyed representing the student body and I want to continue. I believe that there is more to university than just studying and during my time as a student I could see shortcomings where the university is failing to build a good sense of community and belonging to our students. Now in this role I have the power to influence and create change to give the students of LSBU a better university experience.




Manifestos Priorities

  • Increase student engagement with desirable social and networking activities 

  • To work closely with established bodies within the university for better student experience i.e. LSBUHalls, LSBUActive, Careers Hub

  • Increased support to final year students to increase graduate outcomes with more opportunities

  • Create more awareness of facilities and tools on campus i.e. CareersHub & Library skills

  • ??Expand and improve networking events with local companies/employers i.e. In person and online Careers Fairs

  • ??Proactive communication of employment opportunities to placement year students

  • Working with my Sabb team to continue cost of living support 

Roles and Responsibilities  

  • Ensuring the development of all affiliated Union Societies & Sports teams, and oversee key Sports & Societies events such as Freshers Fair. 

  • Encouraging and facilitating the personal development of students by providing opportunities for them to develop key skills through participation in societies, sports and student activities. 

  • Representing the Union at all University and external agencies with respect to Sports.

  • Ensuring there is a volunteering framework, including policies and procedures within the Union.

  • Leading relevant student forums.

  • Making sure my team is held accountable for. 

Manifesto tracker

In progress

    I don't have any active manifesto priorities right now!


      None of my manifesto ideas have been completed yet.