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Nayeem, VP Education

VP Education

Your VP Education is responsible for ensuring your voice is heard on all issues to your education and academic experience.

Nayeem Sadman

Hi! I’m Nayeem, and I am an international from Bangladesh. I am a recent BA Business Management graduate and your newly elected VP Education!

It was my dream to study abroad, and I chose the UK. I am grateful to my mum and my family who supported me to achieve my goal. I joined SU in 2020 through Bangladeshi society which I and my friends built together. Today I got here because people believed in me and gave me the opportunity to work for the students. From an introvert person to a leader, the journey was amazing.

Latest updates

How I got involved in the SU

I came to the UK in 2019. Even though I had finally accomplished my aim of travelling to the UK and studying, I still had trouble settling in during my first year. I was able to connect with several Bangladeshi classmates during my second semester through networking, and the Bangladeshi Society we founded as a group is now renowned throughout the London SUs. I started this society, served as the Vice President and then the President for 3 years, which helped me realise the influence I might have on my community and given me the courage to seek for the position of your VP of Education.

Manifesto Priorities

  • Improving course rep scheme.
  • Financial support to cope with cost-of-living crisis.
  • Enhanced mandatory lecture capture.
  • Termly free printing.
  • Increasing DDS support.

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Lead all Union activities in academic affairs including the National Student Survey and Quality Assurance Agency Audit student submission.
  • Will lead the development of the Union’s education policy.
  • Lead student representation in academic matters to the University and external agencies.
  • Develop and deliver resources and training for Course and School Representatives, including developments in the use of online tools.
  • Engage with School and Course Representatives to provide support, training, advice and campaigning.
  • Work closely with relevant Part Time Officers, ensuring that they are supported in running their campaigns throughout the year
  • Fulfil those duties and obligations that arise consequently upon signing the Sabbatical Officer contract.

Manifesto tracker

In progress

    I don't have any active manifesto priorities right now!


      None of my manifesto ideas have been completed yet.