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Mirella, VP Education

VP Education

Your VP Education is responsible for ensuring your voice is heard on all issues to your education and academic experience.


Hi! I'm Mirella, and I'm from one of the most beautiful countries, Lebanon. I am a recent MSc marketing graduate and your newly elected Vice President of Education! My journey started with a BA in digital film and screen arts which kicked off my career by becoming a production coordinator in the TV industry. Despite my passion for the film and TV industry, I wanted to explore different paths in life to find my true purpose, and that path began with enrolling for an MSc in marketing at LSBU, where I truly felt I was in the right place. My purpose grew through the SU when I became a student voice assistant alongside my studies and was able to make a difference in students' experiences at LSBU. I got here because people believed in me, inspired me, and gave me opportunities, and that's what I want to do for students at LSBU.

Latest updates

How I got involved in the SU

Over the last year, I've worked part-time as a Student Voice assistant in the union alongside my studies. In this role, I've talked directly to 100's of you and represented thousands of students by working hand in hand with the SU to enhance your time here at LSBU. Making a difference to students at LSBU became something I was passionate about, and so I wanted to be involved in making an even bigger impact. Becoming a voice for change motivated me to participate in the elections; however, your faith in me led me to become your Vice President of Education.

Manifesto Priorities

As a recent graduate who faced similar challenges to the thousands of students I've represented over the last year, I KNOW the issues that we're all facing! I'm ready to hit the ground running and know that whilst some things might be improving, we've got a long way to go! Some of the main issues I'm going to tackle include:

  • Improve Academic Support

The lack of face-to-face interaction on campus, overlapping deadlines, various academic challenges and further fallout from the pandemic have immensely impacted our student lives! I want to showcase to the university the extent to which these issues affect our students' satisfaction, outcomes, and well-being. It has gone on too long!

  • Improve IT Access

The constant IT outages prohibiting access to moodle, online library resources, timetables, and academic databases is entirely unacceptable. The university must eliminate this unwanted added stress by implementing a solution that provides easy and convenient access to academic resources, as students are entitled to this!

  • Mental Health Support

Students have suffered enough through the pandemic, with extended wait times, low awareness and lack of outreach, all leading to dissatisfactory mental health and well-being service. It is paramount that we demonstrate to the university the importance of providing readily available mental health support for students so that we can work to identify solutions that will solve our problems!

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Represent your academic interest by making sure your voice gets heard loud and clear
  • Working in partnership with the university to improve academic policies.
  • Work as part of the sabbatical officer team to uphold our values, processes and constitution
  • Acting as a Trustee of the Union to ensure we are compliant and meeting our strategic objectives

Manifesto tracker

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      None of my manifesto ideas have been completed yet.