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Fatema, VP Welfare and Equalities

VP Welfare & Equalities

Your VP Welfare is responsible for ensuring your voice is heard on all issues relating to support, health, safety, wellbeing and inclusion.

Fatema Rabbi

Hey! My name is Fatema Rabbi (She/Her). I have studied Business Management with Marketing at LSBU. I come from a country of rivers and beauty; you must have heard about, yes, that's Bangladesh! My life started changing when I got accepted at LSBU. I felt "one step closer to my dream."

Latest updates

How I got involved in the SU

I first got involved with the SU when I realised that many societies existed except the Bangladeshi Society. I saw other societies involved with the students union and felt a lack of community for many students from Bangladesh studying at LSBU. In 2019, when I finally landed in the UK, I struggled to cope with the new culture. In March 2020, I founded LSBU Bangladeshi society with some friends intending to build the community and celebrate the culture. Since then, Bangladeshi Society has blossomed into one of the most engaged SU societies with fantastic events such as live music, boat parties, and charity activities.

In 2021, when everything was returning to normal, I started seeing the opportunity to run as a Women's Officer to represent and encourage Women's participation in the students union. I had my best time working as a Women's officer in the students union. As a Women's Officer, I consistently organised Women's networking events, successfully ran International Women's day campaigns, and attended NUS conferences. My experiences made me feel like running as VP  Welfare and Equality. 

I firmly believe that an organisation needs to include mental health support alongside quality education and better community support to get the best outcome. And that's where my role comes in, to ensure every student receives accessible mental health support, equal treatment, wider access to resources, and a sense of belonging. 


Manifesto Priorities

  • Supporting students through the cost of living crisis.

  • Decolonising the curriculum.

  • Better student support for mental health.

As an international student, I have gone through a lot, but SBSU has helped me to have an empowering university experience at LSBU. No matter where you are from or who you are, I will make sure as a student, you get an empowering university experience as I have.


Roles and Responsibilities 

As my role is Vice President of Welfare & Equalities, I represent students for any non academic issues such as health and safety, mental health support, inclusivity etc. My responsibilities are: 

  • Lead all Union welfare activities.
  • Being responsible for delivering and coordinating campaigns and training on welfare issues.
  • Being the lead representative about access and widening participation policy.
  • Organising around Student Accommodation issues.
  • Lead the development of the Union’s overall welfare policy.
  • Working closely with the relevant Part-Time Officers, ensuring they are supported in running their campaigns throughout the year.
  • Being responsible for the representation and support of faith and liberation groups, ensuring these students can participate in Union activities and democratic processes.
  • Fulfil those duties and obligations that arise upon signing the Sabbatical Officer contract.
  • Being responsible for overseeing the Raise & Give Programme.

Manifesto tracker

In progress

    I don't have any active manifesto priorities right now!


      None of my manifesto ideas have been completed yet.