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Devonte, President


Your Students' Union President leads your Students' Union and champions student voice at every level of London South Bank University. They ensure that every student, no matter who they are, has a voice.

Devonte James 

Hi everyone, my name is Devonte James (he/him). I studied Business Management at LSBU, and recently graduated with a 1st class degree.

I have a British Caribbean background and have found significant belonging in the diverse home of LSBU. Connecting with students from different backgrounds has been great personal development.

LSBU is a transformational place for students who go for theirs by embracing new opportunities and experiences to take them further along towards where they want to go.

Latest updates

How I got involved in the SU

My introduction to the Students' Union was during the SU elections - in my first year. I went for BAME Officer and attained this position. The BAME role allowed me to embed myself into the experience of students. I did this through communicating with various BAME student groups, attending university meetings on BAME-related topics, attending SU Council meetings, and representing BAME students at the NUS level.

In my second year - in the next SU elections - I went for Chair of Union Council, a position I did not get. It did not discourage me, as I swiftly turned my attention to the role I aimed to achieve in the SU elections in my third year (SU President!).

I volunteered in the SU Freshers planning, which led me to earn a fantastic opportunity to work at the SU Front Desk as a Front of House Assistant (a paid role). This was a fulfilling experience. It was an amazing way to gain student insight whilst working on my degree. I feel the ability to have a - part-time-paid job in the SU worked in line with my degree achievement through the sense of belonging and purpose it gave me.

During the springtime of my third year, I ran for SU President in the SU elections. A position I attained then and hold now for the
second time.

Manifesto Priorities 

  • Increase Student Connection and Sense of Belonging

  • Increase Student Employment 

  • An enhanced academic experience

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Representing the voice of all students to the University and Nationally 
  • Ensuring the union is being well run to best meet the needs of all students
  • Oversee communications to students from both the union and university 
  • Sit on university meetings and boards to ensure students' best interests are represented
  • Lead the sabbatical officer team to uphold our values, processes and constitution
  • Chair the Board of trustees and ensure we are compliant and meeting our strategic objectives

Manifesto tracker

In progress

    I don't have any active manifesto priorities right now!


      None of my manifesto ideas have been completed yet.